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Would you like to be a seller at™?  It’s easy!

1.How to start? Start by registering for an account here.  

2.What’s next? Now, you need to confirm your email. A few seconds after you register, an email will be sent to you asking you to confirm the email address you entered (don’t forget check your spam folder). If the email has not been received, go back to the registration page at and click on the “resend confirmation instructions” button.

3.How do you post a new listing? Assuming that you have completed the registration process, now please click on the yellow box in the toolbar at the top of the page that says “Post a new listing.”  After that, the process is very easy and intuitive. Fill in the form, making sure that you provide as much detail about your item as possible, We recommend the following order: About you, general desciption of the prodcut, materials, sizes, specail features, shipping method and returns & refunds-see question 6.

Please use as many images as possible and videos if available. Regarding shipping fees, please check with your local post office or other shipping companies. Please note the expiration date section.  In this section, you need to set how long your listing will stay open. After the expiration date you set has passed, the listing will be closed automatically (the listing will still exist but will not be visible to visitors). You can change the expiration date any time from the “Edit Listing” menu. You can also reopen the listing after it has closed.

4.How will you receive payments?  You will need to connect your PayPal account in order to send and receive transactions through™. Thanks to PayPal protection, you have peace of mind knowing that any transaction is protected. If you have a personal account, you can send payments but not receive them. In order to also be able to receive payments, you will need to upgrade your PayPal account to a premier account. Please contact PayPal to upgrade your account. For more information, click here.

5.Someone wants to buy your work? That’s awesome!  When someone wants to buy your work, you will receive an email informing you that you have a payment waiting to be authorized or a message in your™ inbox. The next step is to log in to your™ account and authorize the payment. It is also recommended that you reply to the customer and thank them for choosing to buy your work. If you do not accept the payment within three days, it will automatically be rejected 

6.How to increase the chances that someone will buy from you?  Customers are very sensitive about returns and refunds. Therefore, you can mention on your listing that you gladly accept returns and offer refunds. As a seller, you can issue a full refund to the buyer’s PayPal account. PayPal will refund the percentage share of their fees but not the fixed fees. To learn more about how to send a refund for a purchase, click here.

To learn more about PayPal Services’ User Agreement, click here. If you choose to accept returns and offer a refund, please also mention that a refund will be provided if the customer informs you of their wish to be refunded immediately after receiving the item and that they should send the item back to you via their account. The customer should also inform you of what the problem with the product is and why they would like to return it. It is also recommended to mention that the item is ready to ship in XXXX days/weeks and what kind of shipping service you use.

7.You sold an item? That’s great, but don’t close the listing. You can never know what other business opportunities are waiting for you out there. Just add the word “SOLD” to the name of the item on the item details page.

8.Something went wrong?  You need to contact PayPal.  With the new PayPal Dispute Resolution process, buyers and sellers are able to post messages to each other, thereby working together to solve transaction problems. For more information, click here.

9.Last but not least: selling fee. It’s free to list products on™, and in the future, we might take a small transaction fee to cover service charges and payment processing fees. Since our focus now is on increasing our community as much is possible, we shall not charge a commission on sales made before January 1st, 2017, or such later time as may be published from time-to-time on the Site. However, please be aware of the small transaction fee that PayPal charges. For more information, click here.     


Buying at

1. How to start? Start by registering for an account here.  

2. What’s next? Now, you need to confirm your email. A few seconds after you register, an email will be sent to you asking you to confirm the email address you entered (don’t forget check your spam folder). If the email has not been received, go back to the registration page at and click on the “resend confirmation instructions” button. After confirming your address, you can join and find what makes you unique!   

3.Found something you like? Click on the “buy” button. An email will be sent to the seller notifying him that you wish to buy their work. When the seller accepts the payment, you will receive an email saying that seller has accepted payment as well as other message that the seller has sent you. If you have questions about the item you would like buy, you are welcome to communicate with the seller before you actually buy the item. Please make sure to communicate with seller via™ inbox services only (use the “contact” button next to the seller’s name). Sellers are not allowed to comminute with buyers via telephone, email, or any other communication methods.

4.How to pay? connects buyers with sellers, and for our users’ protection, all transactions are handled directly between buyer and seller via PayPal. We do not handle payments directly. For more information about what is covered via PayPal, click here.

5.What if you would like to buy a few items from the same seller? Please contact the seller first to figure out what will be the total shipping cost for all the items you would like to buy. If you accept the total shipping costs, the seller will change to shipping cost of one of the items to the new price and, in parallel, change the shipping cost of the other items to zero. Now, it’s all set.

6.What if the there is a problem? Don’t worry. Purchasing via PayPal ensures that you have peace of mind knowing that your purchase is protected. If a disagreement arises, you need to contact PayPal. You can view the PayPal dispute resolution process here.