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Billions of people out there, find what makes you unique! is a new online gallery for design students and graduates to share projects and sell their work.

The site helps students and recent graduates stand out from the crowd and show off their uniqueness. “We believe the best part of each individual is the part that’s unlike everyone else,” said Eyal, founder of, who decided it was time to create a platform to “connect talented and promising young designers to those that appreciate the uniqueness that can’t be found elsewhere.” helps graduates find work by presenting their best designs to the world, and also offers users the chance to earn money from selling unique products such as jewelry, clothing, toys and much more.

The platform serves as an impressive online portfolio for job-seekers, as well as a peer-to-peer marketplace where designers can sell to the public directly. For consumers, offers a range of unique and interesting products from new and undiscovered designers. 

The concept has already earned praise from designers and industry experts...

“Breath of fresh air and excitement in the gray and boring routine of common trends”

What makes unique is its focus on students and graduates, who can use the site not only to sell products, but also to build an online portfolio. The platform launched on 2016, and is open to new users. The site looks set to be a favorite among young designers as well as those looking to buy unique gifts and design products.

Whether selling or searching, celebrates your right to be you!

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