Little Ela

My name is Ela and 'Little Ela' is the name of my studio.

I earned my degree from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, majoring in jewelry design. Every piece of jewelry is hand made, using classic crafting techniques. Sawing by hand is an integral part of my work. With my jewelry I try and express feeling, ideas, fantasies and their shape is usually miniature and delicate, like a secret.

During my studies I created my first collection, assembled from all types of figures and characters. My jewelry pieces are timeless, ageless, for everyone and anyone who connects with them from their own perspective. These are ornaments that can be worn 10 years from now as well as today (as opposed to many fashionable pieces that are only as good and relevant to the times and will no doubt be switched out with the passing of fashion trends).

In addition to the series of figures, these days I am also working on a collection of fashionable jewelry pieces with various and different prints, engravings, cuts and colors. The new collection is cool and light, fitting for every day life just as they are for special events and they are made of silver or coated in gold.

You will be able to find it all on my website (which is not yet up and running, I'm working on it now).

In the mean time, I've participated in several festivals in Israel and abroad, I sell through the internet worldwide and in Israel my trade has been primarily word of mouth.


My necklaces are a standard length of 45 cm, a different length can be ordered upon request.

Rings require a specific measure.


A piece can be ordered in any desired material. Prices may vary depending on material, in which case we shall discuss the above pertaining to the specific order separately.


A lifetime insurance on jewelry from me to you. Every piece that needs fixing may be brought to me for a fix. This includes resizing, scratching, delivery breaks, stone fracture and more.

Coating insurance is good for one year. After a year, re-coating will be done at a price.

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